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Garbage Disposal

Avoid a DIY disaster and let our professionals save you time and money on your garbage disposal project. Whether you need garbage disposal service, repairs, or replacement for your Dayton area property, our experienced plumbers are at your disposal!

Veteran-owned Really Great Plumbing is on a mission to provide our customers in Dayton, Crosby, Baytown, and the surrounding communities with options and solutions for their plumbing problems at a fair price. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional plumbing services that are custom-tailored to meet your needs. If you need help with your garbage disposal, faucets, or other plumbing fixtures, call us today!

Waste Disposal Repair & Installation

At Really Great Plumbing, we bring our experience, equipment, and expertise to every project. While installing waste disposal equipment may seem like an easy undertaking, having your garbage disposal professionally installed will help you ensure that you avoid leaks and issues down the road.

Garbage disposals are mounted to the underside of your sink and they're designed to collect solid food waste that washes down the drain into the grinding chamber. When you turn your disposal on using a designated switch, an impeller plate forces food waste against the outer wall of the grinding chamber, which pulverizes it into tiny bits. Those bits are washed away through holes in the chamber wall and released into a drain that is connected to your wastewater disposal system.

Really Great Plumbing provides reliable, efficient, high-quality garbage disposal installation and service for Dayton and the neighboring Southeast Texas communities. Click on the link provided to request services today for your home or business.

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Tips For Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

Taking good care of your garbage disposal can reduce the need for repairs and extend the lifespan of your system. A few expert tips for maintaining your equipment include:

  • Run your garbage disposal regularly to prevent odors and bacteria growth
  • Be sure to use plenty of cold water when running your garbage disposal
  • Avoid putting hard foods, seeds, bones, or fibrous foods into your disposal
  • Your garbage disposal isn't a trash can - pay attention to the size and quantity of your waste
  • Don't use harsh chemicals to clean your disposal - a little baking soda and vinegar or even lemon juice should do the trick!
  • Never put your hands inside the garbage disposal to "fix" it - always call a plumber for needed repairs.

Garbage disposals typically last between eight and 15 years, but taking good care of your system can help you get the most out of your equipment. If you're looking for a plumber for Dayton garbage disposal installation, give the pros at Really Great Plumbing a call today.

Frequently Asked Garbage Disposal Questions

The best way to keep your garbage disposal in top condition is by taking good care of it. You should run it regularly, use plenty of cold water, and make sure that any food you're putting in your disposal is small and not hard or fibrous. If you suspect you've got an issue with your garbage disposal, call the pros at Really Great Plumbing today.

Sticking your hand down the garbage disposal is just asking for trouble. If the mechanism is jammed, it could break loose and cause injury, so it's always a good idea to call in a professional plumber. They'll have the equipment, experience, and expertise to handle your project effectively and efficiently.

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