A Really Great Plumber Explains Drains & Sewer Systems

A Really Great Plumber Explains Drains & Sewer Systems

As long as they work, you probably don't spend much time thinking about your Crosby home's drains & sewer systems. Clogged drains and compromised sewer systems can cause extensive damage to your property and can threaten your family's health and safety.

Having a reliable, affordably-priced plumber that you can trust to tackle your plumbing project can make all the difference in the quality of your results - and can save you time, money, and hassle.

Maintain Your Drains & Sewer Lines To Avoid The Need For Repairs

Routine maintenance for your drains & sewer lines can go a long way toward avoiding the need for drain repair or repiping services. Here are a few tips from a professional plumber to keep your drains & sewer system in top condition:

  • Watch what goes down your drain. You should never pour oil, fats, or grease down your sink.
  • Use your garbage disposal properly and run it regularly. It's also important to avoid putting large, hard, or fibrous foods down your disposal.
  • Avoid liquid drain cleaners. Instead, a little baking soda, salt, lemon juice, and vinegar will safely do the trick for cleaning your drains.
  • Use a plunger to dislodge minor clogs, but if you have repeated issues with clogs or slow drains, it's time to call a plumber.
  • Don't flush sanitary products or trash down your toilets. Non-biodegradable materials can clog your sewer lines.

Find a plumber who offers drain cleaning, drain repairs, and other plumbing services to help keep your Crosby property's drains & sewer lines flowing freely.

Other Causes Of Sewer Line Damage

Repeated clogs and slow drains can be a sign that your Crosby home has damaged sewer lines. Leaking and ruptured sewer lines prohibit sewage from draining properly through your system - which can lead to serious health hazards and property damage. You may not always be able to prevent sewer line damage, but knowing the causes of damage to sewer lines can help you mitigate problems down the road.

  • Settling or shifting soil, the weight of your vehicles, or the use of heavy equipment on the ground above your sewer lines can lead to ruptures
  • Breakage or collapse due to corrosion
  • Infiltration of tree roots and vegetation
  • Flushing trash, non-biodegradable wipes, or sanitary products down your toilet
  • Pouring fats, oils, or grease, down your drains
  • Older homes with sagging sewer lines

If you suspect that you've got sewer line damage, it's important to contact your go-to plumber right away to prevent damage to your property.

A Plumber You Can Trust In Crosby

If you've got problems with your drains & sewer system, don't just hope for a "pretty good" plumber. Really Great Plumbing is the local plumber serving Crosby and the surrounding areas with quality workmanship and fair prices.

We offer a broad range of services - from leak detection and plumbing repairs to installing fixtures like tubs, faucets, and toilets to expert gas line repairs and more. If you need a plumber for your Crosby area home or business, call the pros at Really Great Plumbing today at 832-892-7564.

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